40 Hour Site Safety Manager

40 Hour Site Safety Manager Schedule

Cost: $650.00 USD

Location: 23-01 41st Avenue #1A, Long Island City, NY



Title of course: 40 Hour Site Safety Manager

DOB Course Code: SAF-102

CEUs: 4.0

Language: English

CEU Requirements: 

  1. 100% attendance for the course
  2. Completion of Continuing Education and Training Registration Form
  3. Active participation in all class exercises (determined by course instructor)
  4. Completion of required pre-and post-quiz assessment
  5. As applicable, achievement of minimum passing score on required end-of-course examination
  6. Participation and submittal of end-of-course evaluation form (must provide name on form to receive credit)

Course DescriptionThis course is a comprehensive review of Chapter 33 and the Rules of the City of New York that pertain to public protection. The purpose of the course is to initiate prospective candidates with safe job practices in New York City and to prepare those prospective candidates to take the Site Safety Manager’s test.

During the course, students will be introduced to the hazards of working the New York City construction environment and the specific methods and work practices that are necessary on an urban construction site.

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites for the course. Students must speak the language in which the course is given.

Training Requirements for 40 Hour Site Safety Manager Training: As per the NYC Construction Codes – Title 28 General Administrative Provisions, to obtain a Site Safety Manager or Site Safety Coordinator* Certificate applicants must complete & submit to the Licensing Unit a certificate of completion for 40 hours of training. In addition, as per Title 1 Rules of the City of New York 3301-02, to register as a Construction Superintendent*, applicants must complete & submit to the Licensing Unit a certificate of completion for 40 hours of training.

* This course is required depending on the applicant’s qualifications.

Audience: Experienced Construction workers, supervisors, and other personnel responsible for construction activities with general knowledge of the New York City Building Codes as it relates to worker and public safety.

Objectives: Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to but not limited to:

  • Compare roles and responsibilities of New York City Department of Buildings licensed site safety professionals
  • Recognize which rules and regulations were promulgated after serious construction accidents in New York City
  • Identify safety procedures to protect public and property during construction and demolition operations in New York City
  • Define construction fire protection and prevention methods that comply with the New York City Fire Code.
  • Describe communication procedures between New York City Department of Buildings and licensed site safety professionals
  • Distinguish between the OSHA standards and New York City Department of Buildings Chapter 33 regulations.

Course Materials: This course consists of several different components which include power point presentations, lecture, real life case studies, class discussion and hands on demonstration. We will provide a student manuals, Hands-on demonstration, and in-class practical exercises.

Course Duration: 40 Hours of training (not including class breaks)

Completion Requirements: Students are required to complete 100% of the course and actively participate in all learning activities including review quizzes and hands-on exercises.

Students are not permitted to miss more than 4 hours of class time. Should this occur, it is the student’s responsibility to contact All Eyes on Safety Training Academy to schedule a make up session or arrange to attend another scheduled event. Student will not be eligible to receive certificate of completion without making up missed time.